It’s amazing when we take the time to really enjoy food in its purest form and nurture our bodies with quality plant-based ingredients. Clean eating is everything; it’s a lifestyle that can really transform us.


Plant Based Daily was founded in 2014, inspired by global flavors with the intention to introduce plant-based cuisine and a holistic lifestyle to St Barth and to nourish our client’s unique bio-individual dietary needs. Our vibrant nutrient-dense meals are customized to our client’s preferences with a multidimensional approach to health and nutrition, crafted and served with love, committed to organic, using the finest quality ingredients.  Our goal is to connect our guests through plant-rich foods, and wellness elixirs, inviting guests to slow down, feed their spirit and enhance their relationship with food. 


Kristine experienced transformation when she started nourishing her body with colorful plant foods rooted within the earth and discovered how vibrant and energized her body felt (and healing the root cause of many symptoms she was experiencing from inflammation). She wanted to deepen her connection to wellness, so she traveled around the world to experience different cultures, and wellness retreats, and studied traditional plant medicines, beauty rituals, and their secrets to longevity. She founded Plant-Based Daily and Kristine’s Beauty Lab in St Barth to cultivate an intimate wellness community, connecting islanders with high-vibrational food, and beauty elixirs and leading them into mindfulness. As a private chef for celebrities and CEOs, Kristine’s clients inspired her to create her first cookbook, which she is currently writing with a focus on ancient beauty and wellness practices and modernizing them to make it easy to incorporate into our busy modern lifestyles. 

Kristine is a member of HER Global Network, which is a community of women who value authenticity, empathy & genuine connection; who come together monthly to celebrate the beauty of the authentic self. Kristine leads monthly cacao beach ceremonies, guiding others to reconnect with nature.


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