Fortunately, I was able to stay pretty active during my pregnancy and these essentials helped make life a little bit easier.

1) Pregnancy Pillow such as: Leachco Snoogle Total Body Pillow or PharMeDoc Total Body Pillow. This was a lifesaver! When you’re carrying, what feels like a bowling ball, it’s nice to actually get a deep, restful sleep with this comfy pillow! Take advantage of getting all the sleep and naps that you can because when your baby comes you will miss your beauty sleep.

2) Stability Fitness Ball and a quality yoga mat such as: Manduka PROlight Yoga and Pilates Mat, or Lululemon Réversible Mat 5mm. After long walks and hikes to the beach, or simply being on your feet all day, it feels amazing to stretch out or even lay your body against the stability ball. We used this ball a ton in prenatal Pilates and prenatal yoga class. I even used it during the delivery of my baby boy when I first started having contractions. The yoga mat is amazing just to get some nice  stretches in before going to bed.

3) Fair Trade Organic Virgin Coconut Oil to prevent stretch marks. There are tons of products out there for stretch marks but I just used coconut oil religiously and didn’t have one stretch mark even after waiting 42 weeks to deliver an 8.9 pound baby boy. Coconut oil is amazing!

4) Compression Leggings. These were perfect for travel! I flew all over the world including all the way to Hong Kong until I was about 8 months and these compression leggings were great to wear on the airplane to avoid getting varicose veins.

5) Organic Whole Foods Based Vitamins such as: Garden of Life mykind Prenatal Whole Multivitamin, Nordic Naturals Pregnacy DHA, or make a simple tea by boiling water and adding sliced ginger for a ginger tea or adding fresh mint leaves for mint tea. I looked forward to starting my day with one of these teas each morning, and didn’t have a day of morning sickness thankfully! These are also helpful for lactating (I’m still breastfeeding my son who is almost 8 months with 6 teeth).

6) Organic Skin Care Products like: Prada Lab. This was my favorite product because I was able to understand the short list of ingredients and it’s one of the few lines that is completely natural. They were also lightweight, which is perfect for tropical climates.

7) Herbal Teas such as: Earth Mama Angel Baby Organic Mama-to-be, Earth Mama Angel Baby Organic Milkmaid Tea, Traditional Medicinals Organic Raspberry Leaf Tea, Traditional Medicinals Organic Nettle Leaf Tea, or make a simple ginger tea by boiling sliced ginger.

8) Hydro Flask Standard-Mouth Vacuum Water Bottle. The 21 fl. oz. Hydro Flask Standard-Mouth vacuum water bottle keeps hot drinks hot for 12 hrs. and cold drinks cold for 24 hrs. As you know, drinking tons of water is so important during this period and will also be equally important when breastfeeding.

9) Enroll in a class you’re interested in like prenatal yoga, prenatal pilates. These classes will help prepare your body for delivery and you get to meet other expecting moms. Learn from each other. If you’re in the Miami area, try Body, Belly Baby, Skanda Yoga or Synergy Yoga.

10) Treat yourself to a prenatal massage or spa day. You deserve it, girl!