Plant Based Daily was founded in St Barth with a desire to feed our local community and guests nutritious food, created with vibrant flavors using the most local and purest ingredients possible. Eating clean has transformed my life and my goal with this blog is to share everything I’ve learned about living a healthy lifestyle with you.

As a new mom, I feel that the best gift you can give your offspring is the gift of health. It’s exciting to teach my son something new about food and nutrition. We go to a market almost daily, so it’s fun teaching him about local produce and letting him touch it so he can experience it.

There’s nothing like picking out produce right off the vine or from your local farmers market and creating a beautiful meal that nurtures and brings generations together. I recently picked out strawberries and honeybell oranges with my grandpa and baby boy in Florida. My Grandpa and baby boy love their homemade strawberry chia jam.

I graduated from Matthew Kenney Culinary with an emphasis in plant based cuisine and culinary nutrition and have raw certifications that include a focus in superfoods, detox and Ayurveda with Chef Kate Magic. Each year I go to a different country to study local cuisine and I’m currently studying infant nutrition, which is a new passion inspired by my baby.

The cuisine I prepare is primarily plant based, customized to my guests dietary sensitivities and needs. I educate them daily on the nutritional benefits of what they are consuming. If a guest is interested, I also incorporate Ayurveda and/or Traditional Chinese Medicine herbs into dishes like “medicinal” raw chocolates, sauces and other nutrient dense meals.

It’s amazing when we take the time to really enjoy food in its purest form and nurture our bodies with quality plant based ingredients. Clean eating is everything; it’s a lifestyle that can really transform us. Breaking bread together is special, providing warmth to our souls, especially when it’s made with love.